Why Turkey?

Turkey is a country like no other; where east meets west, only the citizens of Turkey can boast to live within two continents. With its unique geostrategic location nestled between Europe and Asia, Turkey has always been at the crossroads of civilizations. Owing to its rich history, Turkey has cultivated a welcoming culture enriched with social and religious diversity. Today, modern Turkey is known for its world-famous cuisine, exclusive sites of archaeological and diverse religious interests, and of course for one of the world’s greatest cities, Istanbul.
Turkey’s accessible position and combination of tradition and modern lifestyles appeals to millions of tourists every year. Turkey ranked the 6th most visited country with 56 million tourists in 2019, with Istanbul remaining one of the most revisited cities in the world.
As a member of G20 which brings together the world’s major advanced and emerging economies, Turkey’s popularity renders it a leading choice for a second home for thousands of citizenship-by-investment clients from all over the world.

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