Ideal choices for your long to mid-term investments.
Invest with FHIG and gain profit in short time.


We offer a selection of properties approved
for “Citizenship by Investment Program”.
Become a Turkish Passport holder.


Residence permit through property purchase.
We have ideal choices for you to buy property for TRP within your budget and relocate to your second home in Turkey.


We deal extensively in business development.
Giving you investment options that support you to live generously. Anytime is a good time to invest in Turkey.


Serving clients from all parts of the world.
Looking to expand to the important Turkish market.
Providing offices or virtual offices.


Ultra-modern and profitable investment tools
with the purpose of making the profits affirmed,
meeting the requirements of our investors.

“FHIG’s mission is to contribute to the enrichment of the quality of life of foreigners in Turkey through beneficial amenities that address diverse needs. We aim to be a substantial global company with an avidity for supplying eminent services that meet the challenge, allowing us to pursue continuous growth as a corporation with an emphasis on contribution to service or product quality.

Our company takes tremendous pride in our commitment to our customers; this adherence is reflected in our dedication to quality on different levels of hierarchy within our organization. Our unbeatable confidence in ourselves, strength in our commitment to customers is based on the actual growth we have experienced over the years. Strength in our products gave us the opportunity to accelerate our growth at a much faster pace.”

Mr Farooq Ahmad


Our Associated Companies

Investment in Turkey and Europe; Citizenship by Investment in Real Estate; Business Development.

International trading of medical and food products.

 Investment plans in Turkey and Europe; International Education.

Consultancy & International Trading

Manufacturing of medicine and medical disposable and supplies.

International trading of medical and food products.

Our Services


Turkish Citizenship by Investment

We offer you a selection of properties approved for “Citizenship by Investment Program”


Turkish Residence Permit

Acquiring legal residence permits in Turkey through property purchase of any value.


Real Estate & Business Development

Invest with FHIG and gain profit in short time. Residential, Commercial, Land. Long to mid-term investments.


Business Registration

We serve clients from any part of the world looking to expand to the important Turkish market.


Contracting & Construction

Through transparency & accountability, we attained our place in the construction & contracting sector | Turkey, Kuwait & UAE


International Trading

Reliable trading & investment opportunities. Diversification & quality execution on every trade

Who we are ?

Future Horizon Investment Group or FHIG, is a group of companies that guide you in venturing into competent investments in Turkey, by confidently helping you plan your financial future.

FHIG is an independently owned and operated company that started in 2015, located in Istanbul, Turkey. Consisting of experienced, highly trained professionals in various businesses. Our focus is on international professional services, making us leaders and expert consultants in our fields of businesses.

Our long years of experience helped us build a huge network in commerce. We advanced to become the new investment hub in Istanbul, and are determined to continuously motivate our customers and make their dreams come true; by leading them to invest correctly for a better future, guaranteeing success of their investments. At FHIG, we operate to build relationships based on transparency and trust with our customers and business partners from all over the world, from Middle East, Asia, Europe, USA… That has been our philosophy, and it continues today. What we do affects lives and that is why we take our job very seriously and very personally.

What we offer ?

At FHIG; we offer comprehensive, international expertise in a broad range of business consulting practices, including investment consulting in Real Estate, whether it is buying residential, commercial property or land in Turkey, either for Turkish citizenship or residence permit, we have a strong database of strategic projects that will gain your interest. We also offer company registration and business development in Turkey. We help you with all legal matters and assist in developing your business model by supplying you with information that helps you promote your business, exposing you to many trading opportunities.

When it comes to trade, we are International traders in various industries. We guide you into trading opportunities that can help your business to thrive. We also assist in getting visa to Turkey, whether to start on an adventurous business journey or to study and gain a degree in Turkey’s most prestigious universities. In the future, we plan to expand our services.

Why choose us ?

At FHIG, we work for everyone; that is why we created sectors that let you start investing at your own pace, on your own terms; bringing you relevant and meaningful advice with financial resources that fit you and your values, helping you achieve your version of success. At FHIG, we value performance achieved with integrity. The results of our services came back positive, and the feedback so tremendous, attaining continuous success with each one of our staff members, contributing with full dedication & devotion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate doing business in Turkey. We aim to inspire, motivate, encourage & persuade entrepreneurs while delivering excellence. Our focus is on constantly developing long-term partnerships with our customers, aiming to maximize the potential of our business outcomes and delivering sustainable solutions through transparency, cooperation, innovation and reliability.

Invest with confidence

Investing is all about the long-term, whether in trade, property, education, business or travel. We have multiple ventures for you. We believe everyone has the right to know the cost of a line of work. Through transparency in commerce, we will show you how our business works. We exist to support you earn more on your investments and make smart decisions with your money.


Invest in Residential or Commercial Property

Invest in Residential or Commercial Property with FHIG. We have distinctive projects & spacious apartments at strategic locations in Istanbul. Residential communities next to dynamic highways, metro-bus stations, Taksim square and the new airport. We have projects surrounding shopping malls, hospitals and universities. Get to know all about our 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 & 4+1 reasonably priced apartments available. 

3+1 Duplex with an astonishing sea view

This February holds a lot of surprises, at FHIG, we have a very special 3+1 Duplex with an astonishing panoramic sea view, just for you and your family. Benefit from this comfortable and luxurious real estate project that offers the indispensable comfort of quality, the calm of the marina life, the ease of city life with a unique nature and view, and gain 40% return on investment. We aim for a perceptual, futuristic experience.

Invest in 259,000$ & Get Your Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship by Investment. Buy your 3+2 dream property worth 259,000$ in Istanbul’s most prestigious residential communities and get your Turkish Passport. We bring you the best investment projects, social communities designed for your comfort and quality lifestyle. 5 minutes to the metro bus, sea view, marina life, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, seaside cafes, restaurants, water sports and more …

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